About Us

Our humble beginnings. SHRAK & Co INTERNATIONAL LTD an Oil & Gas Trading And Industrial Minerals Trading, Import and Export Consult Firm, was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C), in 2005 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of the National Constitutions and equally. This was done to meet up with the increase in Oil & Gas export and import demand.

With trading activities, not only in West African States of Africa, but also in South Africa, our robust relations of our international partners in Eastern and Western Europe, we built a formidable and productive business unions with international practitioners in the ethical world of Oil & Gas. Hence the Company foresees that a good quality professional outfit would fit into the current scenario, as more international oil companies reaching out to secure product from our Consult Firm, SHRAK & Co INTERNATIONAL LTD via our partners.

Major international/ National Buyers seek their exclusive representation in Africa so that they could receive their supply and sales link-line regularly without disruption.

SHRAK VENTURES (LTD) stands out in her corporate entity in making a progressive and /DF Perfect alliance relations with prospective and existing corporate partners in relations to International business ethics and practices in the sales, import and export of international business In the Oil and Gas sector

Our mission is to provide our partners/customers a reliable source of supplies with quality products from quality suppliers at a reasonable PRICE.

We provide value-added service, through sharing knowledge-based approach towards sourcing and delivering of the Gas and Fuel products with a minimum time and cost and equally relating with reputable and reliable international partners in meeting our customers’ needs.

  • Highly Professional in handling Buyer’s need .
  • Our good understanding of the trading mentality and preferences of our Sellers and Buyers.
  • A strong element of teamwork, which includes tapping on information from Refinery Allocation Holders, Port Operators, Legal Framework, planning transportation map work to suite the supply chain of the operation to accommodate the Sourcing and Supply of the Petroleum Products.
  • Our generous sharing of information with potential seller and buyer create a close working rapport between us and our potential clients.
  • We also provide up to date, accurate and clear information for dissemination to our Buyers and Exporters partners.

We work closely with Buyers, as we are close to the Buyers . This allows us to work closely with the Seller too. This allows us to match the expectations of the Buyer and Seller immediately as such decision  vital to the oil trade can quickly be taken.  We have an extensive working experience with oil majors and traders, hence creating a fine understanding on the needs for various trades; for example the supply chain issues needed to be re-solved before a Contract can be concluded. We emphasize cross-communication between the concern personnel and the operations personnel so as to provide support and achieve a desired and favorable outcome. With this cross-communication we are better able to pre-empt problems and arrive at solutions efficiently.

Based on existing Clients, precise  amount in MT/Month for required petroleum products are always  met.

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